About Us

AceMentorPro is a platform that aims to help the youth of today, find a better perspective in the professional world. Peer-pressure is most dominant at two stages: At the initial level, when a student is choosing a particular stream of education and the other, when he is completing his final lap in the respective domain. The scope of trying out new trends & avenues seem just so impossible and confusing.

Here is where we help you. We offer workshops on certain new career options so that you can get a first-hand analysis about that domain. It helps you take a call on a particular subject of your interest. To put it simply, it shows you the 'trailer' of a certain career-option and helps you take a confident decision towards it. The 9 points mentioned below tells you the USP of AceMentorPro

  • Professionally designed curriculum that keeps-up with the latest market trends
  • Experienced Mentors with National & International exposure
  • Give you practical insight in each field
  • Learn more in short span of time
  • Helps you unlock your potential
  • A versatile training process
  • Help in boosting the morale and self-confidence of the participants
  • Maintain transparency and provide authentic information to the participants
  • Offer admission guidance and support

Our Course Strength

  • Graphic / Web Designing ,
  • Event Management
  • Mass Communication
  • Digital Marketing
  • Fashion Designing
  • Career Counselling (4-hour session)
  • Photography
  • Acting
  • Personality Development