Packaging Management

Packaging management primarily deals with packing and packaging of goods, for both commercial as well as domestic use. Today's packaging manufacturers face a competitive marketplace. Controlling the cost of their raw materials and labor are essential to being able to keep an edge in the market. Bringing down packaging costs involves using recycled goods where necessary. It also involves innovation in production to cut costs. Finding newer and better ways to manufacture the various packaging needed is a full time job that is pursued throughout the industry. Yesterday's methods will not always work for today's budgets. Plant managers must find material and machines to ramp up production and lower costs while keeping quality at the same standard. They must find the balance to tilt sales in their favour.

Apart from this, the other sectors' growth has been possible with the increase in demand of the logistics industry. Packers and Movers are now hired by people shifting inter-city or intra-city. Prospective companies have moved into this segment after they identified a gap in the Packers and Movers industry for reasonably priced moving solutions. These companies hire trained professionals to systematically pack and move goods from one place to another.

Career Prospects

The Indian packaging market is estimated to be a little over Rs 60,000 crores and is growing at a rate of 15-20 per cent per annum, more than twice the global average. Not only is the industry growing rapidly but it is also creating lucrative jobs for those who find a career in it.

This positive trend is also reflected in pharmaceutical and FMCG companies’ hiring numbers for packaging professionals. Last year, Tetra Pak hired 25 people for packaging and this year till date the company have already crossed this number in hiring on account of robust business growth.